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Free vocabulary tutorials for adolescent to adult learners.

If you are a high school aged or adult learner who needs help improving your reading skills, Neuhaus Academy offers simple, powerful reading tutorials on specific words chosen to expand your vocabulary and enhance your overall reading ability. You can take these courses on your own, or as part of lessons assigned by your school. Whether they are assigned by teachers or not, they are always free to you, the learner, and you can review them any time to maintain and improve your reading proficiency.

The lessons are designed to be flexible, so they can be scheduled by teachers or taken on your own schedule. Each word lesson has two parts, one focused on spelling and pronunciation, and the other on meaning and usage. Each part includes a short video, review quiz and practice exercises, and there is also a spelling exercise focused on related words to extend your knowledge of the word parts and concepts to a broader application. The Neuhaus Academy learning system will not only help improve your general reading and comprehension skills, it may also help you prepare for standardized testing.

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