A system-wide program to boost reading performance.

Neuhaus Academy is a powerful tool that can help your organization, school, or district provide support to a specific group of students that are overlooked by most other learning support programs. We focus on helping middle school, high school, and adult learners improve their vocabulary, reading, and reading comprehension skills.

The words taught by Neuhaus Academy are found in academic textbooks, in classical literature, and on high-stakes testing.  Each word has two lessons – one that gives clues to pronunciation and spelling and one that gives clues to meaning. Short quizzes, activities, and reviews reinforce words so that they become part of your student’s understanding of the word in context.

Your teachers can gather students into groups, assign courses, monitor student progress, and help students review. Your administrators can access student data so that you can watch your students grow.

Organization-level accounts allow you to distribute our learning program easily across your entire district via the Internet. Teachers and students work safely in a closed environment that lets your administrators manage learning and quickly view results. Our courses are always free to your students.

Neuhaus Academy is a service of Neuhaus Education Center, a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to promoting reading success. To learn how to implement a Neuhaus Academy learning program in your organization, school, or district, contact us today.