A system to increase your students’ vocabulary and reading skills.

Are you looking for tools to help your students improve reading comprehension or prepare for high-stakes tests? Neuhaus Academy provides online learning for middle school, high school, and adult learners who need help with difficult academic words.

Courses created by Neuhaus-trained experts help students sequentially build skills and fluency by teaching the basic syllable types and parts of words that influence meaning. In addition, you can organize and assign courses for your students based on their learning needs.

The lessons for each word have two parts, one focused on pronunciation and spelling and the other on usage and meaning. Within each part is a short video, a short quiz, and a set of practice exercises including spelling. The words taught by Neuhaus Academy are found in academic textbooks, in classical literature, and on high-stakes testing.

You have the ability to monitor and manage student progress, and access to student data so that you can watch your class grow in their confidence with words.

The courses are always free to your students. You have the choice to purchase plans with a credit card or use school or district purchasing plans to activate your Instructor account.

Neuhaus Academy is a service of Neuhaus Education Center, a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to promoting reading success.